Native + Display

Combine native RTB demand with existing display ad placements.

Sample native ad converted into 970 x 250 display.

Creative is from a “Chase for Business” native campaign and used for illustrative purposes only.

Turnkey Access to New Demand

Seamless Integration

Native ad components are assembled into display ads that look great on any site. Ads automatically adapt to any dimension, including all standard desktop and mobile sizes.

Increased Yield

Accept programmatic native demand in a single unified auction with other formats with increased bids and rates. All existing tracking is maintained to eliminate discrepancies.

Fully Compatible

Ad payloads from RTB (version 2.3+) are supported along with major native ad exchanges and extensions. Integrations are available for server-side and header bidding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What native assets are supported?

All assets from OpenRTB like title/headline, description, image, call-to-action text, and disclaimer text are supported. Only a headline and title are required for the most minimal display.

What banner sizes can be used?

All standard banner sizes for desktop and mobile are supported, as well as any dynamically sized placements. Smaller dimensions will show less assets with only the title and image available at the smallest sizes.

Are impression, clicks and viewability tracked?

Impression and click trackers from the native ad payload are fully supported. Viewability is tracked if they are included in the impression trackers in the native ad payload.

What is the integration process?

Native to display rendering runs client-side and can be integrated into any header-bidding wrapper or display ad placements.

What is the pricing?

Volume-based and flat-fee rates are available. Please contact us for more details.

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